You can't force clarity Jennifer Jane Young

Where are the control freaks??? Come one…raise your hand 🙋🏼‍♀️  Clarity is unfortunately not something we can force or control in any way and when we try to do that, we manipulate life in a way that is not meant to be. Clarity has its own schedule for arrival…its own divine timing and the more we can trust that, the easier we will flow with life. We can’t do better than what life has planned for us. There is a process to everything in your life that you need to trust. If you don’t have the answers now it’s because you’re not meant to have them. They will come when it’s time for you to take action. But here’s the thing, this clarity will be hard to decifer if you don’t get quiet enough to hear its wisdom. Slowing down and creating space in your day is the one thing you CAN control that will help you hear and see things clearly. 

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