Yesterday I listened to the latest podcast episode on the Kate & Mike show. I was intrigued by the story of @mikejwatts ‘s journey with illness over the last year and how he and @katenorthrup spoke about finding opportunity in illness to learn something or grow. The episode is fantastic.

When I woke up this morning I started to have a whole ton of insights about my journey. As many of you know, a few months ago, my body mind and soul completely crashed on me, out of the blue. Talk about an opportunity to grow. It has been non stop healing, growth and emotional inner cleansing for the last 4 months (oh and it’s not over but that’s ok). And this morning I woke up with this vision of my current experience being like a big knot (you know like the one in the Christmas lights in the movie Christmas Vacation).


If you’ve ever had to undo a knot, big or small, you know that you can’t rush through it, because if you do, the knot just gets worse and you end up getting discouraged and giving up. It requires gentle patience and intricate attention to really see what is the next thread that needs to be undone so that you can move forward in your unknotting. 

As I saw this this morning I initially felt overwhelmed (because I hate undoing knots) but then relief came. I saw that it was ok for me to take my time with this, to be patient and to undo this inner knot that I created over my lifetime from trauma, difficult experiences and just working through this beautiful – but not always so easy human experience. It takes time to undo those knots, especially if we have ignored them for a while because they’ve had time to really tighten up. I also felt relief in knowing that maybe I don’t need to make any drastic decisions or changes right now and maybe I don’t need to flip my life upside down just because it’s uncomfortable. I saw that maybe all I needed to do is let go a little and take care of one little thread everyday, until I undid that knot enough that I could breathe and see clearly again.

We all have an inner knot inside that needs gentle tending to. Yours might be small and just needs a little attention or it might be a big ass one that will stop you in your tracks if you don’t start taking care of it, like me. Wherever you are in your journey and whatever challenges are in front of you right now, just take them one thread at a time. If you rush the process or get impatient, you are just going to make the knot tighter and moving forward will be harder. You don’t want to give up on this knot, it’s your opportunity for growth and happiness. And as Mike and Kate said in their podcast, YOU are the only one who can undo that knot. YOU are the only one who has the wisdom to heal yourself and move forward. With that truth, you need to remember that you are a Mo*&er Fu&?cking superstar!

If you need help unknotting right now, please don’t be shy to reach out to me on social or at I’m here for you superstar, to remind you that you can do this. If you’d like me to take care of you on a more personal and intimate level, click here »

Hugs xxx



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