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When was the last time you let yourself get bored? I mean to just sit in blank space, let your imagination run free and wait for inspiration to hit…As I thought about this this morning nostalgia took over me. I was pulled back into my childhood in moments when I would get bored. It’s when I would sit in that boredom that I would get hit with a wave of inspiration or creativity and then go out into the world and experiment with my ideas. It was SO fun and refreshing. Now we are ALWAYS filling space with our phones, tablets, work, computers and so on. As soon as we have nothing to do we pick up our phones (guilty ☝🏽).

Try to remember a time when we had no phones…what would you do when you were bored?

We underestimate the power of space as we become adults. We don’t realize how much creativity we have inside of us just waiting to come out (if we would only create enough space for it to emmerge). This morning I was sitting on my back porch as the rain was getting ready to pour down with a book in one hand, coffee in the other and I was inhaling so much of life around me. It was exquisite!!! Try it and get to know a whole part of yourself that you might not have even discovered yet…the deeper layers of yourself that can be accessed in the white space you create.

The book I’m reading that inspired this podcast is called “Essentialism” by Greg McKeowen. Take a peek here 📲

INJOY the podcast!

Jennifer | Ambassador for heart-centered & impact driven entrepreneurs

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