Taking Responsibility for the Life You Want Through Intention, Action & Letting Go


On April of 2016, I made the decision to leave my stable life in Canada behind, pack up my laptop, and my dog, and move to Cancun, Mexico.

A life changing event in Mexico two months prior gave me the opportunity to see what was possible in terms of how I could feel (happy & fulfilled) compared to how I was feeling at the time (depressed & discouraged). This prompted the end of my 12-year relationship, and pulled me from the comfort of my closest friends and family.

Impulsive, risky, brave and freeing – my actions have been called many things. But no matter what others thought, the pain of staying where I was felt worse than the fear of taking a leap of faith!

I embraced this massive life change with confidence because of what I know about the art of making things happen which is that with a clear intention, intuitive actions and the capacity to trust and let go, anything is possible, when they are put into practice in at the right time. I knew in that moment that no more actions needed to be taken to fix my current life and that I needed to let go and trust in the next chapter. Learning to make the right move at the right time is why I call this process an art.

This book is about sharing that art form as an accessible process. I want to inspire others through my story. To help them see that they never have to settle, and to embrace the changes that life will inevitably bring. I’m on a mission to help others see the potential that life can truly offer them.

When I was young, I remember trying to figure out where I would fit into the world I saw around me. It didn’t feel like anything great would ever happen for me. I was extraordinarily ambitious and had these intense yearnings for more out of life, but I didn’t really understand it at the time. The bigness of what I felt I was capable of and what I felt possible for myself inside made me feel as though I could achieve things as big as Oprah or Richard Branson.

I saw myself becoming a lost soul, filled with anxiety and unrealized creativity. I felt so far away from what I was yearning for, that I almost gave up on the idea of ever living a great life.

I knew that in order for something to happen, I had to choose between one of two challenges. Either the fear of trying and possibly failing, or the pain of staying where I was and settling.  This feeling of suffering more from my current reality than from the fear of trying has always been my turning point in my life.

I felt lost and discouraged in the life I was living, not able to find that place inside that felt like home. Every morning though I woke up with this urge to find that direction that I could feel inside of me, but could never find.

So I just began to take one step forward in the direction that felt like mine, and embraced the fear of failure. I took responsibility (and lots of risks), followed that inner pull, and took on a leadership role that had been waiting to emerge from me, for a long time. I slowly became someone who made extraordinary things happen for myself on my own terms.

And I’m still impressed to this day how I (and my clients) can create the life or experiences we’re yearning for, just by knowing when it’s time to create intention, to take action or to let go! This intuitive process, that I integrated into my life (and in the life of my clients), from my understanding of the Ayurvedic Dosha’s and the energies that make up our everyday, is something we all know how to do, but we do it in the wrong order and at the wrong time, because of fear. The understanding of the Dosha’s and studying them in relation to how people function over the last 10 years has helped me grasp The Art of Making Things Happen by simply understanding the wisdom behind how life works.

Some days I look back and imagine what my life would be if I would not have taken those risks, and to be honest, it scares me to see the vision of myself, unfulfilled, frustrated and unhappy with the life I would have had created!

I’m on a mission to help others avoid settling so they can live the life they’re yearning for so they don’t have to look back at an unfulfilled life that IS their reality today. Because living a rich and extraordinary life starts with giving yourself permission to do so.

This book is the result of that.