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Imagine how easy life could be if we just allowed ourselves to flow with our intuition? Every day we are being guided internally to make decisions, take a certain direction, change directions and make changes. The information is there and it’s clear but we tend to not hear it or ignore it because it feels scary. 

🤯 What if this doesn’t work out?
🤯  What if I make a mistake?
🤯  What if it’s scary and messy?
🤯  What if I feel even worse?

These questions end up stagnating our growth because constantly worrying if we are going the right way, will never lead us where we’re meant to be. What I’ve learned is that my most important decisions felt like the wrong ones in the moment. Most of the risks I’ve taken have had less than 0 guarantees. Almost every time I’ve followed my gut I’ve been scared out of my mind. BUT!! Every single time these decisions have brought me to where I was meant to go next, helped me grow exactly how I needed to and landed me in a much better place. This has been my philosophy for as long as I can remember:

“The Actions You Are Not Willing To Take or The Decisions You Are Not Willing To Make, Are The Ones That Will Change Your Life!”

INJOY the podcast!

Jennifer | Flow Facilitator impact driven entrepreneurs and authors

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