I stand by Ellen

When did we forget that we are all human? Fame is something that I chased for a large part of my life but I’ve come to see how gloriLESS it actually is. We forget the pressure, obligations and perfectionnism that is asked of people like Ellen. Chelsea Handler talks about how bottomless fame can become in her book “Life will be the death of me”. Zach Effron talks about how he really feels about Hollywood in his docu-series “Down to Earth” on Netflix. Fame really isn’t that glorious!

I truly doubt that Ellen had any intention of harming anyone. I think she was just expressing some very human emotions on days where she might have been exhausted. She is being asked everyday to show up and make us all happy. I wonder if anyone ever though of how heavy that responsibility must feel? So I think we need to give her a bit of grace. And I also think we need to redefine what kind of success we really want and WHY. The why behind where we are choosing to put our energy is so so important. Life is asking us to look deeper right now. Everything that is not longer sustainable for our health and happiness is currently crashing. We all need a rebirth and I think right now, this crash for Ellen is a gift in disguise. She deserves a little break and maybe life is just giving her the opportunity to rest and make herself happy for once!

I hope this podcast inspires you to choose joy!

Jennifer | Ambassador for heart-centered & impact driven entrepreneurs

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